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Cider is Britains oldest and most traditional drinks, having been produced for centuries, in East Anglia, Kent, the Welsh borders and the South West. However, most of the cider available today in the shops would not have been recognisable to our forbears produced mainly from imported concentrates, heavily carbonated, of limited strength and stuffed full of colourings, sweeteners and preservatives. The majority of our ciders come from the small band of cider makers, dedicated to making the natural product using only whole cider fruit with no additives. Consequently the range fluctuates depending on availabilty (apples are after all a seasonal fruit) but normally includes ciders (and perries) from Dunkertons of Pembridge, Burrow Hill of Kingsbury Episcopi, Minchews of AstonTarrant and Sheppys of Bradford on Tone.
Draught cider from Thatchers is also available, supplemented by 'guest' ciders from many other producers, as supplies permit Wilkins, Naishs, Summers, Hartlands, Lyne Down to name but a few.