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Stinking Bishop
Unpasteurized milk, vegetarian rennet
Soft highly aromatic cheese made by Charles Martell in Dymock, Gloucestershire. This is a washed rind cheese taking its name from the pears that make perry in which it is washed.

Cabrales (Picos Blue)
Outstanding blue - veined cheese produced from mixed cows, sheeps and goats milk. It is made in the Picos de Europa mountains of Asturias in Northern Spain. Powerful complex flavour - wrapped in Sycamore leaves. We serve it "sin gusanos"

Brie de Meaux
Unpasteurized cows milk
The 'King of Bries'. Made in the Ile de France from unpasteurized cows milk. Soft unpressed with white rind floraa that is sometimes darker and more uneven than in Brie Laitier. Strong fruity flavour.

Mrs Bell's Blue
Pasteurized sheeps milk, vegetarian rennet
Produced by the Bell's at Shepherd's Purse Dairy near Thirsk. Semi hard with gentle bluing, this cheese has an intensity of flavours. Winner of many awards including a silver at the 1999 British Cheese Awards. This is Wensleydale as it was originally.

unpasteurized sheeps milk, vegetarian rennet
Stephen Fletcher makes this delicious Manchego - style cheese at Ram Hall near Coventry. He uses unpasteurized ewe's milk and the cheese is matured for a minimum of four months. The cheese is firm with a slightly salty flavour that really lasts.

Unpasteurized cows milk, vegetarian rennet
This wonderful, organically produced cheese is made by Leon and Joan Downey using milk from their own herd of Jersey cows. Despite the creaminess of the Jersey milk the cheese has a flakey texture but is definitely classed as a hard cheese. Visitors to the farm can witness the cheese makers in action!

Montgomery's Cheddar
Unpasteurized cows milk
We sell this traditional cheddar at about one year old. It has been made at Manor Farm, North Cadbury for generations. The cheese has an attractive golden colour with nutty notes and a dry but creamy texture. As good as any we've taisted.

Doddington Dairy
Unpasteurized cows milk
From a gentle tingling of the taste buds to a full blown explosion of lingering flavours the Maxwell's produce three cheeses to grace any table. Most of the cheese is made in the summer months using Unpasteurized milk from the family herd of Holstein, Friesian and Normandie cows. The three cheeses, Cuddy's Cave, Doddington and Berwick Edge are all in limited supply so buy when you can. Cuddy's Cave is rich with a mellow flavour. Doddington, aged for 6 - 8 months has a coplex and deep flavour. Berwick Edge is a farm style Gouda matured for 6 - 11 months giving a creamy but strong fruity taste that really lingers.

Old Amsterdam
Pasteurized cows milk
Excellent Gouda aged for about two years giving a heavy, darker hard cheese. The flavour is full and rich with hints of butterscotch. Lovely to eat but actually as good when used as a cooking cheese.